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Number One Consumer Eletronics Giant, Best Buy is offering a pre-order bonus for the Lord of the Rings Blu-ray Trilogy. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy that is being released on April 6. The Blu-ray SteelBook includes space for 6 Discs, A 5.00 off coupon for an upcoming Wii Game and a $50.00 SideShow Collectibles Gift Code.
The pre-order only costs $5.00 and is applied to the final purchase price when trilogy is picked up.



Welcome to the SteelBook Shop

We specialize in Blu-ray SteelBooks from all over the world.

What is a SteelBook™
As defined by Scanavo, manufacturer of SteelBook™, "A SteelBook™ is the new, innovative, exclusive packaging for high profile music, video & games releases. Steelbook™ consists of a metal exterior and an inner core of plastic with the same dimensions of a standard DVD style case and designed for high volume automated packaging equipment."

Why Choose SteelBook™?
SteelBook™ offers something that the standard plastic case doesn't, Uniqueness. You don't showcase and take as much pride in those plastic cases like a true SteelBook™ Owner. I know, you are saying its just a metal case with the movie in it, but its more than that.
SteelBook™ they can offer various manufacturing techniques on a SteelBook™ can endure. They include these elements:
1) Print
By using high-tech printing techniques, we are able to design and create an almost infinite array of images. We offer print in offset quality using up to 6 colours. Printing on metal creates a premium photographic quality.

2) Lacquering
A combination of matt and glossy lacquers can be used to create special design effects.

3) Embossing
Embossing is a unique way to create extra appeal. While creating an eye-catching, stylish finish it also allows you to further emphasise your company logo, release title etc.


information courtesy of Scanavo

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